Commercial Projects

The deliberate and thoughtful sculpting of spaces - through the treatment of light, materials, and scale - impacts human behaviour, encouraging some activities and discouraging others. We design commercial spaces by prioritizing human activity. In this process, we aim to enhance customer experiences, improve the flow and quality of work, and attract the world to each enterprise’s unique outlook, personality, and values.



Location: Winnipeg, MB
Area: 1,918 sq. ft
Status: Completed (2018)

Designed in collaboration with Anna Dovolis & Associates, InStyle Dental combines an innovative customer experience with cutting-edge technology. Situated in a major shopping mall, the office’s open storefront and high end finishes resonate with the surrounding retail environment and ensure a convenient and comfortable experience.


Location: Winnipeg, MB
Category: Renovation
Area: 8,836 sq. ft
Status: Design

Bringing in natural light, opening up sight lines, and updating the office aesthetic were the primary drivers for the L Office Renovation. Designed to promote a collaborative and cooperative work environment, there is a focus on comfortably and efficiently meeting the needs of this growing operation.


Location: Winnipeg, MB
Area: 572 sq. ft
Status: Completed (2018)

Providing a professional but personable environment for an independent tattoo artist to practice in, the Crocus Tattoo Studio matches the needs and ambitions of its resident artist. Designed minimally with hygiene in mind, the studio simultaneously provides a blank canvas on which to showcase the artist’s repertoire.